'So we need help with reaching out to disadvantaged kids in Tower Hamlets'.

It was one of those moments where I had to execute my most polished middle-class smile as I slowly surveyed the room to see that all in attendance were white, middle-class/upper-middle class lads.

How on earth could we possibly begin to put ourselves in the position of the audience we were focusing on? 

Some of us could barely get to grips with the local boujis spin class club shutting down for refurbishment. 

This isn't a one off problem. 

This is a significant issue we face as an industry. If we don't encourage a more diverse talent pool to consider comms as a career then we'll be churning out the same ideas, from the same people, with the same backgrounds and life experiences.

We have a lot to sort out. 

Is it all a bit too much effort? Can't we just carry on as we are? What's the benefit to us? 

Let's look at the creative landscape.

The advertising industry seems to be going ever so slightly backwards in its mission to diversify. This combined with a bizarre lack of BAME individuals being featured in the actual adverts themselves has prompted some brands to ask questions about their agencies of record. 

In fact, creative industries as a whole seem to fumble about trying to attract diverse talent to their organisations. 

It makes us look daft, but more importantly, with more purpose led brands than ever before, it's actually a detrimental business issue. 

What if comms could be the standard-bearer? 

We talk about being more than just marketing. We claim that we are a professional management discipline that deserves a seat at the top table.

So let's act like it. Let's be the industry that reshapes itself and focuses on 'what might be' rather than 'what was'.

There's a huge opportunity for us all in embracing a more diverse workforce. 

So with  opportunity comes, responsibility and accountability. Each of us can get involved today. 

The Taylor Bennet Foundation is, right now, in the midst of a campaign to raise money to do more to encourage BAME candidates to pursue a career in comms. 

You can donate here to support this important initiative and you should.

You can also get in touch with the extraordinary Sarah Stimson to find out more about your agency or business can get more involved. This needs to be an industry wide shift.

If you think this is altruism, you're missing the point. This is about surviving and thriving.

This is about Diversity For The Win.

Get involved.