In a @fortune piece from earlier this year there is an evergreen list of Warren Buffet's best investment advice that is one to bookmark and read at least once a quarter. 

Some of his advice can be applied far beyond investing and has become a cornerstone of my career. Invest in yourself and your learning. Learn always, learn everywhere, from lots of sources. And just because we don't go back to school in the fall anymore doesn't mean it isn't the time to upgrade your learning plan. Here are my tips for creating your own, invest in yourself, learning plan: 

- What skills have you heard about recently? Which ones do you keep thinking you should look into? Write it down and go find a free webinar, or online course on or coursera. There are thousands of free courses available. 

- What business book is top of the charts right now? Pick one with an interesting title and either buy it or check it out from the library. Read a chapter every night (yes you'll need to shut off netflix). In a week you'll know more than you know now. 

- Search for events taking place in your industry and short list 3. Many industry events are free or cheap. Commit to attending 1 this month and then 1 next month too. 

That's it - your learning plan for the next few months is done. Now do like Warren Buffet and go invest in yourself. 

**image courtesy of Fortune.