We all know that autonomous vehicles (AVs) will revolutionise the automotive industry, which is why major automakers have already placed big bets on driverless vehicles and technology (either through acquisition, R&D spend, or both).

CB Insights recently highlighted 24 industries which will be disrupted by autonomous vehicles. The list ranged from the obvious (insurance, public transport) to more esoteric suggestions (fast food, healthcare). It's an entertaining and thought-provoking read: what WILL happen to traffic policing when traffic law violations and road traffic collisions are a thing of the past?

Perhaps most interesting are the examples which go beyond AVs as methods of transport and instead examine what they will mean for our daily lives. CB Insights notes that hotels (and Airbnb?) will likely see falling demand when travellers can sleep on the move instead of breaking long journeys with an overnight stay. And passengers in AVs will be a captive audience for media and advertising, so content providers and marketers stand to benefit from increased screen time (as do any mobile network operators delivering content over cellular networks).

And when travel is cheaper and travel time can be made "productive", mileage instantly becomes less relevant. Will you travel further for a morning coffee as a result, because an alternative vendor has served you a coupon via your dashboard?

There's clear opportunity for automakers offering integration into the stack, just as AVs promise faster, smoother, cleaner and cheaper travel for consumers. We can't overstate the future impact of AVs on societies - these 24 industries are just the beginning.