Brand safety - a topic that has been recurrent in our industry and one that has clearly resulted in clients and brands taking their own positioning online into their own hands. So as P&G last week became one of the first advertisers to admit to a significant reduction in digital ad spend due to concerns over online placement of their ads, will we see others following suit? 

As a marketer I regularly see that the value of having an effective and tactical digital campaign strategy is second to none in today's ever evolving digital economy. With more and more consumers turning to brands like Ocado to do their traditional sunday shop, and millennials seemingly living most of their lives online, have P&G made the right call? 

Following a 'Less is more' approach, by cutting spend but increasing strategic targeting, this move by one of the words largest advertisers, is a carefully considered one. As outlined by CFO Jon Moeller, rather than simply cutting spend they are attempting to cut ineffective media placement. Not a knee jerk reaction, but a calculated and specific reduction could in fact see them become one of the more successful online brands.

Have no fear my fellow marketers - no need to get your lunch time sandwich placards out just yet - Digital isn't dead, just growing up.