So I'm setting myself a challenge - to learn to drive before the ubiquitous availability of autonomous vehicles. 

Now this may seem like an easy win (for me) but when I tell you my efforts of learning to drive started 15 years ago, you may think twice on who to back. 

To be fair, my efforts have been the polar opposite of the self-driving car industry - slow, piecemeal and lacking in direction. Last month I downloaded a Highway Code app - a small act that was largely applauded by my family and husband (aka the long-suffering designated driver).

Self-driving vehicle trials have not gone without their fault and controversy, but it's a technology that's only gaining more supporters over time. With reports stating that sales of self-driving cars could reach 10m by 2030, it does make me think twice about whether learning will be worth the effort, time and financial investment. 

I will learn, I will... however I did have to delete the aforementioned app this week due to lack of storage on my phone - two steps forward, one step back! However, my 'opponent' is going full throttle towards succeeding in its goal. I'm not sure I'd back myself at this point in time. 

With self-driving cars moving from the virtual world to reality, how long will we be driving ourselves around? Is it worth learning? What do you think?