Ever spent weeks complaining about a feature you wished a product had, only to realise (thanks to a snarky colleague) it existed the whole time? 

You're not alone. 

These days, consumers are wanting more from products, brands, and customer experiences, even if they're not 100% sure of what they're already receiving. In Australia, for example, MyRepublic found Aussies are demanding faster internet speeds, despite not actually knowing what their current speed was. 

For marketers and business leaders, this highlights the face of the new consumer - one who always wants more, no matter what they're getting. 

It may seem like the impossible standard to meet, but some brands are getting the balance right by investing in understanding what the 'nirvana' experience looks like for their target audience, and effectively communicating exactly how they're delivering it. This may mean highlighting how easy your product is to purchase online, even if it's not the cheapest, if convenience is what your customers want most. 

The trick, as always, is going back to basics, and investing in discovering your customers' values and how those values are measured. 

Otherwise, you're risking going out with a whizz-bang campaign about your vision, product features, cost and availability, when in reality your customers just want to know whether your product comes in green to match the green line of products you launched last year.