Monday saw the conclusion of the seven week long marathon that was ITV2's reality TV show Love Island. After 43 episodes (that's six a week!) the final pulled in 2.43m viewers - a record for the channel. 

Now, whether you were addicted or exacerbated by it, one thing's for certain, it got people talking. 

But what (if anything) can comms professionals learn from this realty hit that got so many people hooked? 

1. Create an engaging narrative - the beauty of Love Island was that it was incredibly addictive. If people weren't watching it, they were talking about it, Tweeting about it, or moaning that it wasn't on. Providing your audience with content that tells a compelling story them will lead to a loyal following

2. Personality is key - the individuals in the programme were hilarious, frustrating and ego-driven, but all very real. This made viewers connect with them and become incredibly invested in their lives. Building out individual profiles within brands can help tell a genuine and engaging story 

3. Be known for something - the phrases used by the contestants have already spawned clothing and accessories lines. Have a message and stick to it until is starts resonating 

4. Push barriers - now I'm not condoning the antics of the show, but we often tell our clients to say something interesting, be different, push the brief. If you don't, no one will listen

5. Leave people wanting more - the end of the series left a raft of people idling as to what to do come 9pm each day. Never overstay your welcome. Inspire, educate and entertain, but stop before people switch off

ITV2 has already commissioned Love Island 2018 , and it's likely the show's popularity will continue to grow. Love it or loath it, as long as it pulls in audiences, it will continue to dominate conversations and (possibly) inspire the way we work as comms professionals. 

Write about what you know they said. Okay I said #sorrynotsorry #loveisland #alleggsinonebasket #toomanyhashtags