Procter & Gamble (P&G) is upping digital investment to "make sure it turns up wherever consumers are."

Whilst this is great in theory, it's also mildly terrifying. We all know the power of smart digital spend - hell, we've all been stalked around the internet by ads that we're never going to click on because of that one time you Googled 'Spanx for wedding day' (true). But therein lies the rub - we don't actually click on the ad. We like to think we're smarter than that. 

So seeing P&G talk about more than just well placed media buys was encouraging to say the least, as it begins its digital transformation in earnest. 

As comms pros, it'll be interesting for us to see how, when and where the company evolves to meet the quickly changing needs of the consumer, and see if, and when, it meets its goal of being 'wherever we are'. For consumers, the biggest win will be them not even realising what's happening right in front of their noses. Creepy? Kind of. Smart? Definitely.