"Hi Martin, can you quickly chuck this on Passle please?" Damn, I've only gone and done it myself. Only this time it's meant to be ironic. But you got that, right? 

Man Utd footballer Daley Blind's Instagram own goal has clearly showcased why proof-reading will always be a critical task for the comms industry. 

But - alongside this, and perhaps more importantly - it once again demonstrates why personal social accounts should remain just that. 

Capturing the essence of a brand's voice over 140 characters can be challenging enough at times, requiring experience, dedication and knowledge of the organisation. Apply this to a living, breathing (and footballing) human and it simply doesn't get any easier. 

While as comms professionals we know that timeliness is often critical to success, we're also in the game of building trust and developing advocacy. Blind's saving grace is that he isn't being measured by his follower numbers or social engagement, so this one will quickly blow over into yesterday's click-bait. 

But the comms industry should take note. When working with leaders and executives to raise their profiles, consider your approach. Work with them on their messaging, sure. Help them articulate their point of view, absolutely. But be their direct mouthpiece? Maybe think about challenging that brief...