So - this is probably a really really German thing to share but this article is spot on when it compiles six reasons why being late is actually a bad thing.

Oh I am sure many people would agree to that. Yet, how many people actually don't really care whether they are some minutes late. I mean it's just 5 minutes, why would you bother?

My English teacher in school always said "If you are on time, you are late". When we came into class when the bell rang, we were late because he had to wait for us to sit down, open up books, concentrate....

And you know what? I think he was right and so is this article. Being on time for me is mainly about 2 things: showing mutual respect and being as self-organized as possible.

So next time we are dialing into a call - why don't we try and be ON the call and ready to kick off by the time the meeting starts? And if we should be late - even if it's only 2 minutes - why don't we let the other person on the line know (and have a very good reason) to show respect for that persons time?

Let's give it a try!