It is pretty common that we as PR consultants receive German translations of English-language PR content with the expectation to use it as it is - because what's working in the US or in the UK will work in Germany as well - right? Well, more often than not it doesn't - at least not as a pure translation. 

There is always a certain level of adaption needed - be it local stats, a more objective language (i.e. in press releases) a different, more local hook...

Hence, I really enjoyed reading this article as it speaks directly out of my heart. 

I would add to more thoughts though:

- I actually do think that stats i.e. by IDC or the likes do work in Germany as well, simply to add relevance (however the more local the better)

- Sometimes case studies don't need to be highly relevant - there are these very rare cases when it is simply the "fun" fact, the odd things that make a case study work although it might not be too relevant