Nice simple explanation here of four principles that lie behind some of the success of Silicon Valley.  Reading through, I felt an affinity for this list in the context of working in the comms and marketing world. 

  1. Find a great mentor -- not everyone has an Eric Schmidt on speed dial but all of us have friends and acquaintances we can turn to for advice. Getting an external perspective will keep you focused and honed. 
  2. Unleash your global vision - the ability to tell a simple story that excites and inspires lies behind the success of many a Silicon Valley start-up. Arguably the same is true of any company and as communicators, who is better qualified that a PR person to unleash that vision? It may not be on a global scale, but if it excites your team, your office or your company, then that's a great start.
  3. Constantly evolve - even as I enter my fourth decade of being in communications, I evolve every day. I've had to in order to maintain relevance in a fast moving world. Businesses and individuals cannot stand still. Those that do, will fast be overtaken by more agile competitors.
  4. Remember it's about people - this is oh so true. Never burn a bridge, never make an enemy (well perhaps one or two along the way!). Building a personal network, introducing others to that network, finding ways to create shared benefits - these are all people principles which must be taken seriously.

So this is a simple and short list of 'teachings' from Silicon Valley. For once not a bunch of West Coast mumbo jump or the ramblings of some management guru - but a pragmatic guide to success in life whether you be Eric Schmidt or a mere middle aged PR chap from London.