It's not uncommon for me to hear from marketers in the US, UK or otherwise that they're excited about launching in Australia, because they've already done all the hard yards on messaging in their market and we should be able to hit the ground running from day one. 

Other common comments are, 'It worked so well over here, why can't we just replicate it in Australia?', and 'Oh, that tactic didn't work? Here, try this one that went down really well in our market'. 

It's not that global messages and tactics are completely useless in other markets like Australia and New Zealand, but marketers do need to recognise that localising a campaign, message or comms tactic needs to go above and beyond changing a 'z' to an 's'. Looking at Australia specifically as an example, we're far ahead of other markets on a global level in our understanding and adoption of fin-tech, but are arguably far behind in understanding and adoption of the mar-tech and ad-tech space. So assuming that Australia is way ahead or behind in 'tech adoption' is a strategic insight that could easily swing your program in the wrong direction. 

Whatever industry you're in and whatever message you're pushing, it's time to stop packaging up what works in your market and assuming a copy & paste approach to launching or expanding in another country will go down a treat. 

Listen to the local market, ease into their language, and embrace feedback. It's the only way to ensure your program doesn't fall flat on its face and in fact grows and prospers over time.