While Apple enthusiasts will be delighted at (and won't stop telling you about) the fullness of the sound emanating from Apple's HomePod, more people will be curious to see how Siri stacks up against Alexa and its AI competitors.

So far, Siri has been a bit like Bubble from Absolutely Fabulous; if Bubble had sounded like a Tory voter and drove a Volvo. It's well intentioned and quirky, but not particularly useful.

Following yesterday's planned adoration of all things Apple, it seems that Siri is where Apple is splashing the cash. The revamped model is expected to offer translation services and support plugin apps, it's even going to be a male voice.

Putting Siri's gender to one side, yesterday was a clear statement of intent from Apple. The tech giant is betting on voice being the differentiator - let's see if their bite is as strong as their bark.