Reading this profile of Jason Rose (@rosejason), SVP Marketing at Gigya - a customer identity management software firm - highlights the new career path for non-conventional CMOs.

As a CPA by training, you might not think he'd find himself leading a global marketing organization. But with the proliferation of data and the need to understand and utilize analytics, such a background becomes invaluable. 

The balance as Rose points out comes between applying creative thinking with a strong data driven focus to campaigns.  Combine the two and add in the secret sauce of being truly interested in the products and services being sold and you have the recipe for success in the modern marketing world. 

It's a potent mix that we are seeing more and more frequently across our global client base. As a consequence, the requirement for agencies from across the marketing discipline to mirror this recipe and provide not just the creative 'sparkle' but the data driven insights has grown exponentially.