Long established brands in industries that are perhaps not well recognised for innovation are increasingly seeking to present themselves as fresh and forward thinking. Wincanton is a great example of this. 

It is the largest British logistics company with over 17,500 staff and a fleet of more than 3,400 vehicles.  With a heritage dating back to the earliest milk deliveries, Wincanton has struggled to be recognised as anything more than a trucking company.

I'm impressed therefore by its recently launched W2 Labs initiative. By encouraging innovative start-ups to think laterally and to change the way the industry is perceived is forward thinking and absolutely aligned with a modern, progressive brand image. 

At a time of disruption in the logistics sector with autonomous vehicles, AI, robotics, drones and other assorted tech developments, a brand like Wincanton has to remain relevant and has to present an image that inspires both trust and excitement. Initiatives like W2 Labs go a long to achieving this.