There's a word which induces an instant sense of nausea and loathing. 


A word infuriatingly sprayed across the Linkedin profiles of those that  talk about how they sleep 15hrs a day, farm kale 9hrs a day and only work 1hr a day. The whole time earning six figures and being a superb parent.

What's more irritating is the word 'guru' implies having mastered something. It suggests that the journey to further enlightenment has ended and that you are the leader in the field. 

That simply doesn't happen. What's more, agencies can't afford to let it happen.

An article in The Drum (snippet below) reveals that training and development is a key to retaining talent. For all the incremental benefits, from holiday to Netflix subscriptions, personal development is what keeps people motivated.

So, the next time you're looking to spend a bit more on benefits, take a look at your development programme first - it will probable deliver better ROI than that free membership to a 'hot yoga' studio.