A year from today GDPR, the new EU wide framework for managing private data, will come into effect.

While many will be welcoming the increased control over personal information and the more rigorous rules as to how it will be used, the communications industry could be in for a shock.

Over the past five years data and insight have been at the top of the agenda for the industry. We've become smarter, more agile and more impactful as a result of comms practitioners becoming  familiar with research and data. 

There's no doubt, we were late to the party. Advertisers and their impressive budgets have always been able to get their hands on rich information. 

It's only been recently when information has become more democratised (affordable) that comms has dived into the warm welcoming pool of data.

With GDPR there must be a real risk of the costs  going back up and availability going down. Firms faced with greater legislation to navigate will either pass on the impact on the bottom line to customers or just switch off data access.

Increased privacy for the public is only a good thing and those willing to share data should be able to do so on their terms. 

However, we can't dumb down our work as a result of  GDPR, instead, we should be working with clients now to ensure that come 2018, we're in a great place to embrace GDPR without defaulting back to finger in the air activity.