Google's relentless drive to track our every move continues with its latest AI developments. The impact of its continuing innovation will be profound for marketers and like it or not, for consumer the world over.

The advantages to brands of knowing where the consumer is, knowing what they are doing and dare we say, why they are doing is a reality but kinda scary at the same time. Taking it a step further by using AI / Machine Learning to  respond automatically to queries puts yet more automated power into the hands of the brand. And the ability of the system to then interact with the device (made possible via Google's new SDK) to complete a purchase, makes the whole process seamless. 

As the Drum points out, these types of workflows will become increasingly important as the next generation of consumers come of age as they will be more comfortable than any previous generation of using their voice to drive interactions.

So what does this mean for communications, let alone marketing? I'm intrigued by developments such as Google Lens and Google Photos - both of which are likely to be layered into Google Products that use this AI technology. Both have the potential to increase engagement and offer the opportunity to get creative with visual campaigns.

Will Google know everything? Arguably it already does. But if it continues to innovate at the speed it does, then the answer is yes.