In a deal not dissimilar to the "Sales Impact" arrangement between Facebook and Dunnhumby last year, Twitter has signed a deal with the Tesco-owned research firm to help it it link activity on its platform to sales.

The partnership will use control groups of Tesco's ClubCard users exposed and not exposed to advertising to see if a link between ad exposure and sales can be identified. It's often said that proving a direct link between marketing efforts and sales is the "Holy Grail" of marketing, and this is a step in the right direction towards more rigorous measurement. That said, there is a clear focus on B2C here, and more data to help link B2B sales and marketing would be very welcome indeed.

In its last financial quarter Twitter's ad revenue declined 11%, whereas Facebook saw a 51% increase in its already impressive advertising revenue numbers. Clearly, Twitter has more work to do to convince advertisers to spend their money on its platform. Numbers don't lie.