Staying at the top of your game in the marketing profession is an ambition we all share. In a rapidly changing world, it’s hard enough keeping up with the pace of technology, let alone the myriad of dynamics, pressures, attitudes and influences that conspire to make life difficult.

So it’s refreshing to read this Forbes article. It unpacks the secrets of four luminaries from the world of marketing (both commercial & academic) and provides insight into the principles they abide to in their roles with Facebook, Proctor & Gamble, IBM and Wharton.

What is striking is the simplicity of the secret. Stay relevant to the people you serve; have a guiding purpose above and beyond what they do as a business; and be able to tell their stories in a compelling and authentic manner.

Sounds a lot like a recipe for successful communications let alone marketing. Relevancy plus purpose seasoned with authenticity mixed together and served as a compelling story. Try it out – I can guarantee these Hall of Famers have got this mix just about right.