A report published by Gartner earlier this week stated that by the end of 2018, more than 50% of companies affected by the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR will not be in full compliance with its requirements.

This piece from Information Age makes the point that one of the reasons that some businesses in the UK may be unprepared for this is that they believe Brexit means that they will not need to be compliant. Which is not the case.

GDPR presents a challenge which will face all businesses, but one that I think will also create an opportunity for the PR industry. GDPR will have a profound and no doubt limiting affect on email marketing as a channel for communications to prospective clients, just as ad-blocking has represented a major challenge to online advertising. In fact, everywhere we look from changes to Google's algorithm to hamper "old school" SEO practices, TV streaming services with no adverts or declining print media circulations, it seems it is getting harder and harder to reach your potential customers. 

It could be argued that, post-GDPR, the value of third party endorsement via earned media will never have been greater as a way of marketing your business. So maybe this is an opportunity for the PR industry. Maybe...