Interest and investment in health tech is growing so quickly that you might be forgiven for worrying about whether there's a bubble which will need stitching up before too long.

Money is flying in from all angles, we're all going to be rich! Not to mention healthy! Not just healthy but according to some recent reports, practically immortal! If only we can chow down enough umbilical tissue or teach robots to cure us before we fall sick!

When it comes to patient care however, you can have all the artificially intelligent, predictive robot technology in the world and there is still every chance it will have no impact.

Why? Because even when their health is on the line, we humans do our level best to take the path of least resistance... and every year it costs the NHS £500m. 

Doctors are seen, drugs are prescribed, patients have gone through the motions and are on the road to recovery. Yet after two weeks the very same drugs are carefully placed at the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again. Then we're surprised when we fall ill again and we're stuck in a cross between Ground Hog Day and Gray's Anatomy. Is it any wonder the NHS is under strain?! Well done us.

As comms professionals, we know sustained educational campaigns do have a profound impact, whether through direct methods or via earned media. But as firms like AppAttic recognise, communications come in numerous forms and strategies like gamification not only reach patients on a completely different level, but can play directly into modern culture. 

So am I saying that health tech without comms is a waste of time? Well...yes, because behind every super intelligent singularity is an equally dumb human ready to ruin it all.